How To Create A Business System

There’s 6 Steps to Create Business System..  This system will be memorize  in my mind forever   , cause with This system  you can create business and one day you can freedoom from your business .. Your business will work without you .. And Money always come to your pocket =)

The Final Destination  Become an entrepreneur is “A Commercial, Profitable Enterprise That Works Without You.”. ..  …

If you’re still involved in it .. means you are still in the business ..Not  on the business .. You have to brave to  delegated some jobs to the employees .. and the important you need tohave great system and the winning Team

Level 1 :Mastery Level 1: Mastery
This Level is Basic.. but very important You can not go to Level 2 ,3 or 6.. Before You Finish this step.
This LEvel You have To Change From Chaos to be stabillity..
3 Focus on Mastery Level :
1. Destination MAstery
a.  You need  To have Vision, mission ..
b. You  need  To have GOAL !!
c. You need to know Why?? Why you do this business ..

2. Money MAstery .
a.   You need to have  Financial Report : Balance Sheet , Income Statement, CashFlow
b.  You don’t need to understand detail, but you have to know the point ( income , cashflow, and balance sheet is the important you have to know )
3. Time Mastery
a. How To Increase Productivity
b. You have to set your time, and your priority
c. And te important you have to focus

4. Delivey MAstery
a. This is about Service .. You need to have the same system  service..
Level 2 :Niche ( Focuss On  Marketing & USP )
1. This Level You Start Promotion
2. Before Start Promotion you need to have USP ( Unique Selling Product )
There’s 3 ways USP :
a. Be The First: Ex : Virginia space for common people
b. Be The Best : ex.. Starbuck have best services
c.  Be Different
Level 3 : Leverage ..
Level 3 is About Create SYSTEM : (S)aving  (Y)our  (S)elf  (T)ime  (E)nergy & (M)oney

a. Create : Vison, Mission, Goal, Culture, KPI, Organization Structure, SOP,Time MAnagemnet

b. Build Your business depend on system not employee. So when your bet employee move, you don’t have a problem with that because you have great             System

Level 4 : TEAM
a. Build Great Team To Take Action Your System
b. There’s 6 secret To Build The Winning Team
1.  Strong Leadership Strong Leadership
2.  Common Goal Common Goal
3. Rules Of The Game Rules Of The Game
4.  Action Plan Action Plan
5. Support Risk Taking Support Risk Taking
6. 100% Inclusion & Involved 100% Inclusion & Involved

Level 5 : SYNERGY
a. Now You have a system and Winning Team.. So in this Level You Can DUplicate You system and Your Team to open new Branch. Or You Can Franchie your Business
Every Emtrepreneur Dream this Level.. Is About Freedoomm .. You have Team and System, And You Can Duplicate You business Unlimited.. You can get money unlimited..If you reach this Level ..
Now you have Freedoom to cinvest Your time & MONEY
That’s 6 Steps To Create System Business
Hope it can be applicate to your business..
Suceess all of you guys =)
* BisnisFun learn From Action Coach – Brad Sugar
I had Applicate this  in my business

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