How To Develop & Maintenance Business System

If  You have a System. Now How To develop & Maintenance Business System? Can You handle that system ?

If You don’t know how to develop and Maintenance The Business System

There’s 4 Keys Areas to Systemize :

  1. People and Education
  2. Delivery and Distribution
  3. Testing and Measuring
  4. System and Technology

This 4 area that you have to understand to make your business work more efficiently and effectively

Now Let’s go look at them one by one

People and Education

  • People is best asset..  so you have to train them
  • You have to give them education
  • How to train them :
  • Induction training for new employee
  • On-the job training , where an experience employee trains a newer employee
  • In-house training , where the trainer is team member
  • The Type of Training : Technical training, sommunication skill, management skill, sales skill

Delivery and Distribution

  • It;s the area that was originally mechanised and computerized when computers madet heir presence felt in the early days
  • What can be systemized in this area ?
  • Run paperless system : Use computer so you can deliver information via email
  • Change Product Packaging for Safer Delivery  : so you can avoid product being returned coz broken in transit
  • Reorganize stock according to Highest Turnover
  • Simplify Your order Pick and Pack Process : make a flowchart so you don’t have to train every new employee
  • Ex: Flow Chart in my store

  • Forecast Stock Movements : if can accurately forecasthow much stock you’ll move by when. You’ll always know what to order, when to order, and what money you’ll have to spend

Testing and Measuring

  • Test and Measuring is everything. Don’t spend a lot of money to advertise your product.
  • You have to do test and measure.
  • You have to note how many consument know, come and buy your product from your advertise in radio ? Magazine ?

System and Technology

  • This not Barter Era. Now is not Industry Era. No is Information Area. Every information you can find in internet
  • So You have to use Technology
  • Use Computer Invoicing and Credit Monitoring
  • Use Software Accounting, Sales , Warehouse
  • Run a Computerized Stock Control System

That’s lesson how to devellop and maintenance system business

* I learn From Action Coach, and “Instant System” Book From Bradley.J.Sugars

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